niedziela, 31 lipca 2011

Greg's Map Processor 0.1.0

Greg's Map Processor (GMP in short) is my new tool for processing maps for TrekBuddy. As for now, it allows for viewing the entire map and adjusting colours. The map may be loaded from a TAR file and saved into another, TB-compatible, TAR map.

Limitations of the current (ALPHA) version are the following:
  • Only single TAR-ed map for TrekBuddy may be loaded and saved.
  • No atlas support yet, but an atlas may be processed "manually" by processing each map.
  • There are a few colour filters available, along with brightness & contrast.
  • Color tiles may be saved as JPG or PNG in true colour or reduced palette.
  • TMI (index) file for TAR is automatically created.

I would be grateful for comments, suggestions and bug reports (preferably as comments below my posts).
Here is the download link:

2 komentarze:

  1. Could you add the similar save options, like ZumiBuddy already have, for example save TB map to Ozi or QGIS format ?

  2. Yes, its possible. I've just finished some other project, so GMP is the next to work on :)